Hardware and software complex for monitoring and management
of infrastructure for collection, storage and transportation of waste and other solid
and liquid materials in containers

Single Window system



The complex includes a number of technical solutions that implement various functions, which in turn are associated with the cloud platform.

Monitoring is carried out through the platform interface, and the specified algorithms allow automated control or manual remote control of a number of profile options.


Smart lighting

Flexible control of lighting modes
Address management of each lamp
Individual or group dimming
Remote accounting of energy consumption

Fullness sensor

Monitoring of the degree of filling of tanks
Generating reports based on statistics
Signaling of emergency situations
Displaying garbage cans on the map

Motion sensor

Provides uninterrupted lighting
on the container site when a person appears.


Intuitive interface
Notifications in case of malfunction
Advanced data analytics, reporting
Maintaining an archive of events

Video analytics

Recognition of garbage thrown by
Face recognition of violators
Recognition of garbage truck numbers
Recognition of a fire in a container

Container cabinet

Pedal drive for opening manhole covers
Locks on the intake hatch covers
Premium performance of a concrete pencil case
Information signs and stickers