A digital double is a virtual or digital representation of a real
or potential object on the map. It is created for buildings, structures, industries
and agricultural enterprises and any other necessary objects.


  • Possibility of integration with existing platforms

  • Creating diagrams in design mode

  • Access control, rights and roles configuration

  • Delegation of orders

  • Quick access to inventory results in the form of reports and from the city map

Digital Double Layers:

Lighting networks

Water supply

Forest belts

Heating networks


Agricultural fields

Residents’ appeals

Burial records

Displaying layers in the system:

  • Heating networks
    • Display on the system map of all heating networks
    • Design mode—creating a diagram at the design stage
    • The ability to quickly attach documentation in the object card
    • Quick access to the technical characteristics of the pipeline of each section: diameter, length, material


The module allows residents to promptly report on the problems of city life related to housing and communal services, landscaping facilities, urban infrastructure (parking, transport, parks, etc.) and any others.

You can report a problem via a public link, a QR code
or a convenient mobile application.

The dispatcher processes the received requests, distributes them between departments, appoints those responsible for the execution of works
and deadlines.

All received requests are grouped into a convenient log.
A convenient filter, the ability to view appeals for a certain period and the color designation of the status of the appeal.
Both a one-time download of the report on requests
and a subscription to its periodic receipt are available.

Dashboard of requests in the system:

  • Statistics on requests, archive creation

  • Displaying on the map the boundaries of districts and responsible performers

  • Convenient color designation of work stages