Automatic access to the territory of cars and special vehicles:
ambulances, police, emergency situations

24/7 operation

with any device

on dispatching

3 variants of execution:

  • Video Analytics

  • RFID tag on the windshield

  • GPS tracker


  • Access to the territory by user lists

  • Prevention of theft by photographing cars and cargo

  • Automation of the work of security personnel

  • Reduction of the decision-making time on the admission of the car to the territory

  • Save information about all cars, statistics and reports

  • Centralized management of multiple checkpoints from a single workplace


Automatic access to the territory of special vehicles – ambulances, police, emergency situations.

Employees of the emergency special services are provided with unhindered access to the courtyards and entrances of residential buildings, which allows them to provide assistance to residents more quickly.


For the operation of the number recognition system, one or more video cameras are installed in the entrance area, sending the image to the number recognition server.

The system recognizes the number of the approaching car in real time and searches the database for information about the pass for this car. If there is a pass, then the car is allowed to enter the object.


  • You do not need additional passes: the license plate number and there is a pass for the car

  • In bad weather conditions, you can manually adjust the license plate number

  • It is possible to register vehicles without ordering a car pass, i.e. registration of unregistered cars


An RFID tag consists of a microchip that stores information, and an antenna that the tag uses to transmit and receive information.

Each RFID tag is assigned a unique number, which is used to identify the tag, and, accordingly, to identify the vehicle.


  • Stand-alone operation of the device with support for up to 2100 RFID tags

  • High range and confident reading of tags at a distance of up to 10 meters

  • Easy to install. The system is connected to the already installed barrier


Automatic mode

Determine your own location by GPS coordinates and automatically send a signal to open the gate.

The user can choose how the opening command will be sent: via the Internet or by voice call.

Manual mode

The open command is sent after the user clicks on the corresponding icon.
If the Internet control mode is selected, the phone turns into an IP remote control.