“Smart City” is a single platform of technological and modern solutions that combines various functional modules in such areas as:
  • Safety
  • Remote management of resources and services
  • Hardware condition diagnostics
  • Fault alarm system
  • Creating a database and reports


The main advantage of the system is the ability to create a single situation control
and monitoring center, which is easy to scale and improve depending on the needs of the city.


Smart Trash Can

  • Monitoring the garbage collection schedule
  • Displaying trash cans on the map
  • Generating reports
  • Monitoring the garbage collection schedule

Video Analytics

  • Traffic analytics
  • Calculating the speed of traffic flow
  • Determining the vehicle number
  • Save operating costs

Smart lighting

  • Control of lighting modes
  • Phase-by-phase line management
  • Control of each lamp
  • Individual or group dimming

Smart bus stop

  • USB connectors for charging devices
  • Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Video surveillance system
  • Alarm button

Smart transition

  • Motion recognition complex
  • Warning drivers about pede
  • Ensuring security at the crossing
  • Remote control

Smart Pole

  • Transport telematics and analytics
  • Meteo-environmental monitoring
  • Electrical Outlet Station
  • Wi-Fi Access Point

Inventory module

  • Digital Double
  • Equipment depreciation forecast
  • Control of service organizations
  • Alarm button

Smart Substation

  • Boiler cascade control support
  • Dispatching via RS-485
  • Setting the water supply temperature
  • Automatic change of the driving boiler

Smart meters

  • Transmitting data about consumed resources
  • Remote data access
  • Analysis of the received information
  • Displaying devices on the map