The automated outdoor lighting control system “UNILIGHT” is a software and hardware complex
that allows you to monitor the state of outdoor lighting networks, organize electricity metering
and perform equipment diagnostics.

System features

  • Flexible control of lighting modes

  • Creating a database and reports on energy consumption

  • Individual or group dimming

  • Improving the level of operational dispatch management

  • Remote monitoring of energy consumption

  • Alarm system for lighting network failures

Solution architecture



  • Installation, commissioning and operation of the DigiCity system does not require any special knowledge and skills
  • The software has a friendly interface and is mastered by any user within 10 minutes


  • Thanks to the reduction of production costs, we managed to achieve a significant reduction in the market value of the equipment
  • Special prices for energy service contracts


  • Connecting to an existing infrastructure
  • Integration with other systems and platforms


Cabinet for collecting and processing information


Individual lamp control module

UNILIGHT Control Controller


Support for all wireless communication channels

Support for all types of connections to luminaires

Boxed version (Box)




Designed for:

  • Automatic, manual or remote control of street lighting networks and lighting installations of industrial buildings, structures, territories of any objects with any light sources (incandescent lamps, DRL, DRI, DNaT, fluorescent, etc.)
  • Automatic control and metering of electricity
  • Automatic data transmission to the control room

Degree of protection: IP54; IP 65
Various cabinet options: 50A, 100A, 160A, 250A
Dimensions: from 600x600x250
Alarm about emergency situations
Operating temperature range: -45°C to +60°C

Scope of delivery:

  • DigiCity Controller
  • Electric energy meter
  • Power equipment
  • GSM antenna


  • Control of 4 contactors
  • Setting an individual schedule for each contactor
  • The ability to connect multiple counters to one controller by network synchronization
  • Monitoring of the states of 27 control points
  • Setting threshold levels for detecting failed fixtures and unauthorized connections
  • Collecting data from counters via RS-485 interface
  • Built-in memory for autonomous operation of the controller according to the schedule in case of loss of GSM signal
  • Built-in battery with the possibility of autonomous operation up to 60 minutes
  • Remote firmware update of the device
  • Automatic reboot when hanging
  • Connection of door opening sensors and fire alarm
  • Built-in non-volatile clock with automatic


Modul «NEMA» Modul «BOX» Modul «SR»
Overall dimensions, mm 85х85х115 140х107х55 80х80х40
Supply voltage, V 220 220 24
Power consumption 3 3 3
Lamp control protocols DALI и 0/1-10 DALI и 0/1-10 DALI
Degree of protection of the shell IP65 IP65 IP65
Type of connection with the lamp NEMA socket Wired connection using
detachable terminals
SR socket
Control channels 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN
Server communication protocol MQTT MQTT MQTT


  • Web interface
  • Creating and uploading an outdoor lighting schedule
  • Operational control of outdoor lighting at the command of the dispatcher
  • Displaying the status of outdoor lighting objects
  • Indication of data from the counter
  • Generating reports on energy consumption in the form of tables and graphs. Uploading reports in Excel, PNG formats
  • Event log
  • Displaying objects on the map
  • Combining objects into groups
  • Differentiation of access rights
  • Creating mnemonic diagrams
  • Inventory Module
  • Desktop “dashboard”


Quality of life

Lamps dim the light (dimmed) if there are no pedestrians or moving cars in the yard.


When pedestrians or cars appear, motion sensors are triggered, which immediately switch the lights to one hundred percent brightness mode, illuminating the courtyard.

Reduce energy and operating costs

The flexibility and adaptability of the system allows you to adjust the lighting mode depending on the time of day, weather conditions and the presence of people nearby, which significantly reduces energy costs and increases the service life of the equipment.


Lighting near the garage

You can turn on the external lighting near the garage in advance, which will make the entrance to the house more convenient and safe.

The dimming level can be adjusted depending on natural light, weather conditions, and personal needs.

Back yard

Customizable courtyard lighting will allow you to monitor the state of outdoor lighting networks, organize electricity metering and perform equipment diagnostics.

The interactive map in the app makes it easy to navigate and allows you to quickly respond to events.

  • Automation of outdoor lighting of a suburban area will allow you to replace outdated switches with a convenient and simple application for a smartphone or tablet.

  • At any distance from the house, you can adjust all the lighting: turn on / off the light or adjust its brightness level through the app.

  • The lighting control system allows you to set the schedule so that the lights turn on and off automatically, for example, depending on the time of day.