Automated topsoil monitoring system.
The solution allows you to track the main indicators of the soil
and analyze the data obtained in a single platform.

Save time

The remote monitoring capability will significantly reduce the time required for manual soil analysis.

Crop quality

Timely monitoring of the most important soil indicators will improve the quality of the crop and the crops grown


Integration with third-party hardware. Adaptation to existing control and monitoring systems


The universal sensor measures the four main indicators of the soil – pH( acidity), illumination, temperature
and humidity.


  • The received data is easy to track through a single software and hardware complex
  • Operational monitoring and information analysis
  • Automatic and manual shutdown of the device


The sensor is designed for use in home and field conditions, suitable for determining the four main parameters of the soil condition – the level of acidity, humidity, temperature, and the intensity of sunlight. Easy to use. Shows stable and accurate data.

The sensor automatically transmits the collected data via a wireless network using a “cloud” infrastructure over the following channels: GSM (3G), LoRa, NB-IoT, and XNB.

The sensor can work with any pre-installed software or in combination with a single DigiCity platform.