DigiCity platform is a universal cloud software product designed to manage various services and monitoring systems of a Smart City.

The services include ASUNO, ASKUE, waste monitoring, pedestrian crossing management, Smart Support complex, Digital Twin, Smart Enterprise, etc.

Since 2021, the digital management and monitoring platform DigiCity is included in Register of Russian Software.

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  • Intuitive dispatcher interface
  • Displaying the fill level in individual and group representation, in the form of text and mnemonic
  • Tank occupancy chart
  • Storage depth is not limited
  • Reports are available in tabular and graphical form, data is uploaded to Excel, PDF, CSV, JPG, PNG formats
  • A map showing containers and their level of occupancy. In the case of garbage cans, it allows you to monitor the work of garbage trucks and sends notifications if the level of occupancy reaches a certain level.


  • Creating and uploading an outdoor lighting schedule
  • Operational control of outdoor lighting by the dispatcher’s command
  • Displaying the status of outdoor lighting objects
  • Indication of data from the counter
  • Generation of reports on energy consumption in the form of tables and graphs. Uploading reports in Excel, PNG formats
  • Displaying objects on the map
  • Combining objects into groups
  • Access rights differentiation
  • Creating mnemonic diagrams
  • Desktop “dashboard”


  • Interactive diagram of a smart pedestrian crossing with all elements displayed and pedestrian animation
  • The possibility of creating a monitoring system for all smart pedestrian crossings in the city
  • Counter indication of passing pedestrians and passing cars
  • Notifications in case of equipment malfunction
  • Notifications in case of an accident


  • Statistics on requests, archive creation
  • Displaying the boundaries of districts and responsible performers on the map
  • Convenient color designation of work stages
  • Design mode — creating a circuit at the design stage
  • The ability to quickly attach documentation in the object card
  • Quick access to the characteristics of each object, instructions and documentation
  • Tracking warranty periods and maintenance
  • The ability to quickly attach documentation in the object card
  • Distribution of the city on the map by operational areas


Software Usage Guide

Certificate No.2020619614

“MSW container monitoring service
and “DigiCity”

Certificate No.2020619613

“Digital management platform
and “DigiCity”

Certificate No.2020619612

“Universal data collection platform from metering devices
and DigiCity sensors”