Optimization of treatment facilities, sewage and storm water networks
to prevent events and automate processes

Vodokanal enterprises must provide a safe, reliable
and cost-effective service to citizens

Optimization of legacy infrastructures
and those that operate above
the ideal throughput

Timely control of the most important
soil indicators will improve
the quality of the crop and cultivated crops

Compliance with restrictive rules
and satisfaction of citizens’ requirements
Our solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes processes by creating
a cross-functional environment and providing a single point of management for wastewater treatment services.
Technology plays a key role in solving the current problems faced
by wastewater treatment companies that are transforming their management model.


The technology supports utilities that manage sewage treatment plants
and sewer networks.

Control of assets, processes, production, aeration cycles, floods, infiltration and discharges is essential to improve efficiency.


Integration of all available applications.
A single control point for all active solutions that are interconnected using a data model and an intelligent algorithmic mechanism.


Intelligent SCADA
A global vision of the company’s operational status through the integration of decentralized data and advanced decision-making algorithms.

Penetration and inflow
Monitoring of sewer networks to control infiltrations and unregistered flows using intelligent early detection algorithms.

Discharge Monitoring
Control of industrial discharges into sewer networks based on automation and digital conversion of sampling and continuous measurement.

Digital twin
A real-time model of the sewer network that links data received from sensors with conventional hydraulic models. Simulation of various scenarios and operations in real time.

Rain episode management is based on a predictive model that includes an “Early Warning System” for predicting decisions and activating early action protocols.

Work Orders
Field work management and planning focused on forecasting, prevention, and remediation processes. Mobile application and route optimization for field workers.

Comprehensive management of all customer service processes. Clients interact directly with the company and receive additional services through a Virtual Office.

Analysis of atypical pneumonia
Monitoring the spread of COVID-19 by mass testing of sewage. Assessment of the number of cases among the population. Mathematical models for predicting future evolution.



  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Quality control of the technological process
  • Automatic sludge extraction control
  • Asset maintenance


  • Stormwater reservoirs and flood control
  • Control of industrial emissions
  • Penetration control and unregistered streams